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The imprint of Coad Canada Puppets

Coad Canada Puppets, founded in 1966 by Luman and Arlyn Coad, quickly established a world-wide reputation for the outstanding quality of their productions. They performed in nearly twenty countries around the world - frequently under the sponsorship of the Canadian Department of External Affairs. The Puppeteers of America presented both the President's and the Trustees' Awards to the Coads, and the American Center of l'Union Internationale de la Marionnette awarded them eight Citations of Excellence in Puppet Theatre. Several years ago they were inducted as Pioneer Members into the British Columbia Enterntainment Hall of Fame.
Over thirty years ago when the Coads wanted to write an advanced book on puppetry, none of the established publishers were interested because the market was "too limited." Remembering his frustration at the lack of information when he began working with puppets in grade school, Luman established Charlemagne Press to address this problem. In addition to stimulating and informative contemporary works, we are preserving the valuable historical books which continue to have relevancy to modern puppeteers. As well, we are expanding to include closely related topics such as mime, mask, and Commedia dell'arte.

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