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Merchant of Blows-with-a-Stick: And other plays by Louis Duranty Playwriting for the Puppet Theatre Exploring the Art of Puppet Theatre
Here, for the first time side-by-side in both French and English are five of Louis Duranty's wildly comic one act plays which were performed at his puppet theatre in the Tuilleries Garden in Paris beginning in 1861. The plays featured the French versions of ancient Commedia dell'arte characters: handsome Harlequin, wealthy doddering Cassandre, the whiteface clown Pierrot, and of course, Duranty's star anti-hero, the wicked and terrible Polichinelle - Gallic cousin of the English Punch.

Author: Louis Duranty
Translator: Sean Keohane
Illustrator: Judd Palmer
Total Pages:  266
ISBN-13:  978-0-921845-26-3
This book provides a foundation for those who want to develop suitable scripts for puppet theatre. The author explores the difference between traditional theatre and puppet theatre. As well as addressing the important aspects of script writing, she outlines the basic questions which must be considered by a playwright for which type of puppet to be used, to the audience, the venues, and the resources available.

"A practical guide to playwriting for the puppet theater." Puppetry Journal
Author: Jean M. Mattson
Total Pages: 235
ISBN-10: 0-8198-3324-7
From his lengthy career as an award-winning professional puppeteer, Paul Vincent Davis offers sage and practical guidance in creating meaningful and memorable puppet theatre art.

Reaching behind today's often limited vision of puppet theatre, he explores the crafting of the characters, giving each a unique voice and movement.

"...the essence of theater as a creative art."
John Bell, Puppetry International

Author: Paul Vincent Davis
Total Pages: 167
ISBN: 978-0-921845-48-5
Stories & Shows from Pinocchio's Marionette Theater Scripts of the Lilliputian Playerss The Magic Glade
The Magic Glade
Our Price: $40.00
Pinocchio's Marionette Theater in Winter Park, FL, has specialized in musical theatre interpretations of classic children's stories. Here are ten of David Eaton's adaptations along with an account of his fascinating life as an actor, clown, business entrepreneur, and puppeteer. Also included are enlightening backstage insights detailing how each script was transformed from the written page to the puppet stage.
"Puppeteers will enjoy both the plays and the 'shoptalk' that precedes them - the discussion of approaches,possibilities, problems and solutions and what works and what doesn't and why."
Paul Eide,
Puppetry Journal
Author: David Eaton
Illustrator: Eric Sweetman
Total Pages: 439
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-38-6
Beginning in 1952, Lewis Mahlmann began creating a major puppet production each year under the banner of the Lilliputian Players. These elaborate shows were eagerly awaited by the invited audiences. After becoming director of the Storybook Puppet Theater in Children's Fairyland, Oakland, CA, Lewis' private productions continued at a less regular schedule. This book is a collection of Lewis's twenty scripts plus photos and designs as well as credits of the vocal actors and puppeteers in each production.

Authors: Lewis Mahlmann & David C. Jones
Total Pages: 304
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-41-6
Five scripts from Chicago's AnimART Puppet Theater. Titles included:
"A Very Bad Case of Absneesia"
"The Fisherman and His Wife"
"Harlequin's Puppet Commedia"
"Noah and the Flood"

Author: Bill Henderson
Total Pages: 212
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-44-7