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Mimes on Miming Exploring the Art of Puppet Theatre Subplot: Memoirs of Chicago's Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera
Mimes on Miming
Our Price: $25.00
Over sixty selections from the writings of famous mimes, theater people, dancers, choreographers, critics, historians and teachers. Ms. Rolfe traces the development of mime itself and its manifestations in theater, film, and dance. Mimes on Miming is a scholarly yet entertaining work and is a valuable addition to the literature of the performing arts.

Author: Bari Rolfe
Total Pages:
ISBN: 978-0-921845051-5
From his lengthy career as an award-winning professional puppeteer, Paul Vincent Davis offers sage and practical guidance in creating meaningful and memorable puppet theatre art.

Reaching behind today's often limited vision of puppet theatre, he explores the crafting of the characters, giving each a unique voice and movement.

"...the essence of theater as a creative art."
John Bell, Puppetry International

Author: Paul Vincent Davis
Total Pages: 167
ISBN: 978-0-921845-48-5

For three decades the Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera was a cultural gem in Chicago. After dinner at Frederick Chramer’s famous Scandinavian restaurant, patrons adjourned across the lobby to the plush 210 seat opera house to enjoy miniature but elaborate productions of such operas as La Bohème, Aida, La Traviata, and Madama Butterfly.

In 1967, Gary Jones joined the exclusive group of puppeteers who operated the unique rod puppets from beneath the slotted stage floor. He was the first, and only black puppeteer at the Miniature Grand Opera but his artistic talents were quickly recognized when he was invited to create the scenery for the opera’s new productions.

Here is his account of his adventures, the performers who worked “understage”, and the abrupt finale of the Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera in 1971.

"a brilliant revelation of what life is like as a working puppeteer."
John Bell, Puppetry International

Author: Gary Jones
Total Pages: 138
ISBN: 978-0-921845-49-2

Richard Bradshaw's Guide to Shadow Puppets Cover of Designing for the Puppet Theatre The Dick Myers Project
The Dick Myers Project
Our Price: $40.00
Richard Bradshaw, the world's leading shadow puppeteer, details how he conceives, designs, and constructs rod-operated silhouette figures, Included are examples of transformation figures, tips on finding simple solutions to complex ideas, creating the screen, selecting the light source, and building the stage frame, As well, Richard offers expert advice on putting together the production. This long-awaited book will be the go-to reference as you explore the realm of shadow puppetry.

"...like you are getting a private workshop."
Wendy Morton, Shadow Puppetry Consultant, Puppeteers of America

Author: Richard Bradshaw
Total Pages:204
ISBN: 978-0-921845-43-0

Arlyn Coad, co-founder and co-artistic director of Coad Canada Puppets, was a world-renowned puppet theatre designer. Before her untimely death, she detailed the skills and process she used in designing the company's award winning productions. Included are tips from her three decade career.

In her memory, the Arlyn Award for Outstanding Design in the Puppet Theatre was created. It is a world-wide search for truly outstanding puppet theatre productions. This book includes a photo retrospective of the productions and designers who have received the Arlyn Award and the Arlyn Certificate of Recognition which is presented to the entries remaining into the jury's final round of selection.

Proceeds from this book will be invested in the Arlyn Award Endowment Fund that provides the cash purse accompanying the Arlyn Award.

"Filled with practical and theoretical advice on every aspect of puppet theatre design, there is something
in this book for both beginners and well-established professionals."

Puppetry Journal
Author: Arlyn Coad
Total Pages: 124
Colour Photographs: Over 150
ISBN: 978-0-921845-46-1

With his unique rod puppets and memorable productions, Dick Myers was a highly respected puppeteer in the 1960s to 1980s. This full color book includes his biography, a detailed explanation of his mechanical designs, and the author’s adventures in restoring the puppets and faithfully remounting of two the original productions. Include all of the Myers' scripts: "Dick Whittington", "Cinderella", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Simple Simon."

"Every aspect of Seth Shaffer's meticulous research is documented in this handsomely crafted book..."
Puppetry Journal

Author: Seth Shaffer
Total Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-0-921845-45-4

Chicago's Unique Miniature Operas Puppetry
Since 1935, Chicago has been the home of a unique form of miniature opera. Here is the story of these three companies and their entrepreneurs determination to create grand opera with puppets operated from below the stage floor. Illustrated with more than twenty historic B&W photographs and over 120 colour portraits of puppets from the three companies.

Author: Luman Coad
Total Pages: 142
ISBN: 978-0-921845-50-8

"...the first comprehensive history of Chicago's unique form of rod-puppet opera...rich in period illustrations and scores of contemporary puppet portraits."
John Bell, Puppetry International

"...a major contribution to the history of American puppetry ... with admirable and concise clarity."
Steve Abrams,
Puppetry Journal

A look into California's century + of outstanding practitioners in the craft of entertaining with puppets. From rustic performances during the Gold Rush, to large touring companies playing in vaudeville houses, to small troupes during and after the Depression, to artists specializing in film and television, to children's theme parks with permanent puppet theaters, to today's multi-talented artists, the puppeteers have inspired each other, shared innovative methods and materials, and incorporated technological advancements into their work.
More than 180 artists, performers, and puppet theaters are featured.

"...brings together such a large number of puppeteer biographies ... (with)...attention paid to less famous puppeteers." Steve Abrams, Puppetry Journal

"...a fascinating succession of biographies...a rich must have volume..." John Bell, Puppetry International
Authors: Kevin Menegus & Randal J. Metz
Total Pages: 366

ISBN: 978-0-921845-54-6