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Marionette Sourcebook: Theory & Technique
Marionette Sourcebook: Theory & Technique

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Product Code: 978-0-921845-11-9

Need a different way to construct a marionette knee joint or a new approach to a technical problem with a string puppet? This book, filled with ideas garnered from the world's most inventive puppeteers, should eliminate the need to peruse endless piles of books while searching for the elusive solution. In this single volume can be found the two major theories of marionettes plus hundreds of practical ideas and useful tips for designing, constructing, stringing, and manipulating the most regal of puppets...the marionette.
"This well-illustrated and well-researched book contains everything
the puppeteer needs to know about marionettes."
Joan Weller,
Humanities & the Arts
Author: Luman Coad
Total Pages: 151
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-11-9