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The Magic Glade
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The Dick Myers Project
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Richard Bradshaw, the world's leading shadow puppeteer, details how he conceives, designs, and constructs rod-operated silhouette figures, Included are examples of transformation figures, tips on finding simple solutions to complex ideas, creating the screen, selecting the light source, and building the stage frame, As well, Richard offers expert advice on putting together the production. This long-awaited book will be the go-to reference as you explore the realm of shadow puppetry.

"...like you are getting a private workshop."
Wendy Morton
Shadow Puppetry Consultant, Puppeteers of America

Author: Richard Bradshaw
Total Pages:204
ISBN: 978-0-921845-43-0

PUBLICATION DATE: 15 October, 2015
Five scripts from Chicago's AnimART Puppet Theater. Titles included:
"A Very Bad Case of Absneesia"
"The Fisherman and His Wife"
"Harlequin's Puppet Commedia"
"Noah and the Flood"

Author: Bill Henderson
Total Pages: 212
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-44-7

With his unique rod puppets and memorable productions, Dick Myers was a highly respected puppeteer in the 1960s to 1980s. This full colour book includes his biography, a detailed explanation of his mechanical designs, and the author’s adventures in restoring the puppets and faithfully remounting of two the original productions.

Author: Seth Shaffer
Total Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-0-921845-45-4