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Theatre of Hand Puppets
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Although many books on crafting hand puppets are available, little has been published about performing skills. This valuable book is filled with exercises, scripts, and gentle insights.
"...well worth reading and re-reading. Its combination of wisdom, wit, brevity and detail are extraordinary."
Michael R. Malkin, Puppetry Journal
Author: Lettie Connell Schubert
Total pages: 248
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-25.6
"Theatre of Hand Puppets" is more than instructions for making hand puppets. It is about creating puppet theatre which engages the emotions and intellect of audiences.

Drawing on his fifty-plus years as a full-time, professional puppeteer, Luman Coad, co-founder with his late wife Arlyn of Coad Canada Puppets, explains the principles and process they used for their award-winning work. The book has two goals: to pass on the hard-earned knowledge, and to challenge puppeteers to create great theatre.

Author:  Luman Coad
Total Pages: 101
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-39-3
The Storybook Puppet Theatre is the oldest continuously operating puppet theater in the United States. Up to seven new productions are created each year by the theater's director. This book shows step-by-step how to make fabric puppets in the "Fairyland way." Three types of felt heads are illustrated plus making a hand puppet, a rod puppet, and a marionette - all from fabric. Patterns for the three styles of heads plus the three types of puppets are included. 
"If any puppet-making blueprint has acquired what could be called a pedigree,
it's the pattern developed at Fairyland."
Paul Eide, Puppetry Journal
Author: Randal J. Metz
Photographs: Carl LaRue
Total Pages: 177
ISBN-13:  978-0-921845-37-9
Originally published as a twenty session correspondence course by a founder of the Puppeteers of America, this well-written step-by-step guide is timeless and covers the entire process of conceiving, writing, designing, construction, rehearsing, and promoting a marionette or hand puppet production. The entire original text and illustrations are augmented with later revisions as well as some of the Lesson 20's which were written to address each student's questions. Includes a reprint of a 1947 Popular Mechanics booklet. More than 180 line illustrations.
"It is a happy day this material is once again visible and available to nudge young
puppeteers to find their own way of seeing and doing shows."
George Latshaw, Puppetry Journal
Author: Martin Stevens
Total Pages: 219
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-16-4