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Puppetry, International Yearbook of Marionettes & Puppets: 1930-1947 Grapevine Telegraph: 1937-1949 Index to the Puppetry Journal, Vols 1-69: 1949-2019 - CD-Rom
Paul McPharlin began publishing the Puppetry Yearbook in 1930 and it was instrumental in the formation of the Puppeteers of America, who eventually assumed responsibility for its publication. Each thin issue was packed with news of puppeteers, technical developments, opinions, and international news. This disk includes all the text, photos, and graphics in the original fifteen books.
"Don't make the mistake of assuming these are dry, dusty historical artifacts, useful only for research papers.
The puppeteers who appear in
and wrote for the Yearbooks were lively, eccentric, inventive, and sometimes opinionated personalities; the kind of puppeteers you'd enjoy hanging out with and learning from if they were alive today."
Paul Eide,
Puppetry Journal
CD-Rom - PDF Format
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-20-1
From 1937 until 1949, the Puppeteers of America published a bi-monthly mimeographed newsletter. Due to the poor quality paper, only a few complete sets of the series now remain. Over twenty years Luman Coad collected a full set and has used them to recreate the entire series in electronic form. Although the layout differs somewhat from the original pages, all the text and illustrations are included.
"Watch as the new organization struggles to define itself. Watch as the world changes on December 7, 1941
Watch as television begins providing undreamed-of opportunities."

Steve Abrams, Puppetry Journal.
CD-Rom - PDF Format
An electronic index of articles, authors, and photographs in the Puppetry Journal - the official magazine of the Puppeteers of America. Every article, author, and photograph in all issues of the magazine are indexed. An excellent reference tool when researching any aspect of puppetry as printed in the Puppetry Journal.
Compiled by Luman Coad, Coad Canada Puppets.
CD-Rom - PDF Format
ISBN: 978-0-921845-33-1
Puppet Manipulation with Luman Coad - DVD Video
Video course in manipulating hand puppets, rod puppets, and marionettes. Two disk set includes techniques for developing movement, thought, and characterization. Plus special extra material.
"Two hours spent watching this DVD would provide a lasting foundation
that could pay off for a lifetime of puppetry."
Paul Eide, Puppetry Journal
Author: Luman Coad, Coad Canada Puppets
DVD - 2 disk set
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845