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Puppets & Politics: A Record of Seven Decades Diary of a Doll Wiggler: A Bob's-Eye View into the Wacky & Wonderful World of Puppetry Puppet Theatre: Production & Manipulation
Throughout history puppets have been used to teach and galvanize the public. The author chronicles the political dimensions of her illustrious and varied career as a puppet theatre director, teacher, and activist. From her introduction of puppetry, Ms. Fijan's long career has been as to entertain, enlighten, and challenge audiences.
"Puppets & Politics takes on serious issues with an ever-present sense of humor."
Petra Hroch,
Puppetry International
Author: Carol Fijan
Photographer: Steven Petruzella
Total Pages: 90
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-24-9
Drawing on his nearly-thirty years of experience as a professional puppeteer, the author provides a rare glimpse behind the stage curtain into the sometimes wacky, sometimes wonderful world of the puppeteer. From his first performance in a puppetry class, to performances for his peers, the author merrily recounts the mishaps and memorable moments of his adventures and misadventures. Numerous photographs throughout the text.
"A happy and thoroughly enjoyable read, laced with funny true stories ...generating spontaneous
laugh-out-loud moments that may sneak up on you."

Paul Eide,
Puppetry Journal
Author: Bob Nathanson
Illustrator: Robert Garber
Total Pages: 170
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-27-0
A gold mine of information which cannot be found in other books on puppetry. The author discusses the theory of puppets, the artistic and educational uses of puppetry, movement & grouping, uses and plotting of lighting, puppet speech, acting, and voice differentiation. The original 1950's book is augumented with a biography of the author and a feature on his theatre in Edinburgh.
"One of the puppet classics." Ray daSilva, Animations
"Every puppeteer should own a copy and refer to it often for the clear and concise guidelines it offers."
George Latshaw, Puppetry Journal
Author: Miles Lee
Total pages: 244
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-13-3
Storybook Strings A Pair of Cockeyed Optimists: The Puppetry Career of Bob & Judy Brown Sue Hastings: Puppet Showwoman
Storybook Strings
Our Price: $20.00
For over fifty years the Storybook Puppet Theater in Children's Fairyland, Oakland, CA has been given three performances daily to family audiences. As well, some of the world's finest puppeteers were trained at the theater. Storybook Strings takes you behind the scenes to meet the people who make the magic. This book is filled with stories and hundreds of rare photos documenting the masterwork of the many artisans who have brought delight to three generations of children.

Author: Randal Metz

Total Pages: 134
Published by: Rappid Rabbit

ISBN: 0-9747142-0-8
In five decades of full-time puppetry, the Bob Brown Marionettes have done it all and won the respect of their public and peers. These consummate artists have survived devastating setbacks and numerous disappointments yet find the funny side. This book, much of it in Judy's unique narrative, is a delight to read. Scattered throughout are kernels of hard-earned wisdom only seasoned performers can impart.
"A multi-faceted reading experience...great storytelling...and a goldmine of advice for every puppeteer."
Paul Eide,
Puppetry Journal
Authors: Judy Barry Brown & Luman Coad.
Drawings: Bob Brown.
Total Pages: 348
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-30-0.
For some twenty years the Sue Hastings Marionettes were one of North America's largest puppet companies with as many as a dozen troupes out on the road and a stock of puppets exceeding two thousand. Performances ranged from socialite parties to Broadway shows, from commercial promotions to touring the Chautauqua circuit, from performing at the White House to running permanent theatres at several world's fairs. This study is detailed and alive with anecdotes of Sue Hastings, one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Over sixty photographs and illustrations.

"Informative, well-paced, and interesting to read...a tribute to a driving American force in puppetry."
Joann Spencer Seigrist
, Puppetry Journal
Author: Dorlis Grubidge
Total Pages: 248
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-15-7
Martin Stevens: His Book Tony Sarg: Puppeteer in America, 1915-1942 Subplot: Memoirs of Chicago's Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera
Martin Stevens: His Book
Our Price: $25.00
Affectionately known as "Steve", Martin Stevens was a founder of the Puppeteers of America, a mentor to many young puppets, and a pioneer in puppet theatre for adult audiences with productions such as "The Passion Play", "Joan of Arc", and "Cleopatra." Several years after his death, a handwritten manuscript of his unfinished autobiography was discovered in the abandoned and vandalized studio/home. The entire manuscript is included in this book together with a reconstruction of Steve's career not covered in the autobiography along with personal memories of Joy Reges, Jean Reges-Burn, and Laird Kelly. It is a fascinating portrait of a brilliant performing artist.

Author: Martin Stevens
Total Pages 214
ISBN: 978-0-921845-19-5
Considered the father of modern puppetry in North America, Tony Sarg was a well known illustrator and designer in New York City. Puppetry was a part of his prodigious output and for many years his marionette troupes crisscrossed the continent with elaborate marionette productions. His high standards and willingness to share the backstage "secrets" inspired a generation of puppeteers. Numerous photos and posters illustrate this scholarly study of Sarg, his productions, and the puppeteers who toured them. Many of these puppeteers founded their own puppet troupes and influenced the next generation of puppeteers. Extensive bibliography.
"A long overdue tribute to the man who started it all." Dr. Frank Ballard, University of Connecticut
"An important contribution to the literature of puppet history." Ryan Howard, Puppetry Journal
Author: Tamara Robin Hunt
Total Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-10-2

For three decades the Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera was a cultural gem in Chicago. After dinner at Frederick Chramer’s famous Scandinavian restaurant, patrons adjourned across the lobby to the plush 210 seat opera house to enjoy miniature but elaborate productions of such operas as La Bohème, Aida, La Traviata, and Madama Butterfly.

In 1967, Gary Jones joined the exclusive group of puppeteers who operated the unique rod puppets from beneath the slotted stage floor. He was the first, and only black puppeteer at the Miniature Grand Opera but his artistic talents were quickly recognized when he was invited to create the scenery for the opera’s new productions.

Here is his account of his adventures, the performers who worked “understage”, and the abrupt finale of the Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera in 1971.

"a brilliant revelation of what life is like as a working puppeteer."
John Bell, Puppetry International

Author: Gary Jones
Total Pages: 138
ISBN: 978-0-921845-49-2

Stories & Shows from Pinocchio's Marionette Theater Shadow Woman: The Extraordinary Career of Pauline Benton A Century of California Puppetry: How the West was Strung
Pinocchio's Marionette Theater in Winter Park, FL, has specialized in musical theatre interpretations of classic children's stories. Here are ten of David Eaton's adaptations along with an account of his fascinating life as an actor, clown, business entrepreneur, and puppeteer. Also included are enlightening backstage insights detailing how each script was transformed from the written page to the puppet stage.
"Puppeteers will enjoy both the plays and the 'shoptalk' that precedes them - the discussion of approaches,possibilities, problems and solutions and what works and what doesn't and why."
Paul Eide,
Puppetry Journal
Author: David Eaton
Illustrator: Eric Sweetman
Total Pages: 439
ISBN-13: 978-0-921845-38-6
The story of Pauline Benton - an icon in the field of shadow theatre but about whom so little is known - would have vanished into oblivion without this eloquent book. In the 1920s, Pauline Benton discovered shadow theatre (piyingaxi), which was declining in China. She believed she could save the ancient tradition by taking it to America. During the 30s and 40s, her Red Gate Players toured complex productions using authentic Chinese shadow figures .

Author: Grant Hayter-Menzies
Total Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-0-7735-4201-3
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
A look into California's century + of outstanding practitioners in the craft of entertaining with puppets. From rustic performances during the Gold Rush, to large touring companis playing in vaudeville houses, to small troupes during and after the Depression, to artists specializing in film and television, to children's theme parks with permanent puppet theaters, to today's multi-talented artists, the puppeteers have inspired each other, shared innovative methods and materials, and incorporated technological advancements into their work.
More than 180 artists, performers, and puppet theaters are featured.
Authors: Kevin Menegus & Randal J. Metz
Total Pages: 366
ISBN: 978-0-921845-53-9
Paul McPharlin and the Puppet Theater The Dick Myers Project Chicago's Unique Miniature Operas
The Dick Myers Project
Our Price: $40.00
Paul McPharlin was one of the 20th century's most important puppeteers and his "Puppet Theatre in America" is considered the definitive history. Shy and aloof, but energetic, he used a knack for bringing people together to found the Puppeteers of America. Drawing on contributions from his wife, the book is a forthright chronicle of his life. Included are two of his plays, a list of the puppetry books he published, and a list of members of the Marionette Fellowship of Detroit.

Author: Ryan Howard

Total Pages: 250
Published by McFarland & Company

ISBN: 0-7864-2433-8

With his unique rod puppets and memorable productions, Dick Myers was a highly respected puppeteer in the 1960s to 1980s. This full color book includes his biography, a detailed explanation of his mechanical designs, and the author’s adventures in restoring the puppets and faithfully remounting of two the original productions. Include all of the Myers' scripts: "Dick Whittington", "Cinderella", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Simple Simon."

"Every aspect of Seth Shaffer's meticulous research is documented in this handsomely crafted book..."
Puppetry Journal

Author: Seth Shaffer
Total Pages: 212
ISBN: 978-0-921845-45-4

Since 1935, Chicago has been the home of a unique form of miniature opera. Here is the story of these three companies and their entrepreneurs determination to create grand opera with puppets operated from below the stage floor. Illustrated with more than twenty historic B&W photographs and over 120 colour portraits of puppets from the three companies.

Author: Luman Coad
Total Pages: 142
ISBN: 978-0-921845-50-8

"...the first comprehensive history of Chicago's unique form of rod-puppet opera...rich in period illustrations and scores of contemporary puppet portraits."
John Bell, Puppetry International

"...a major contribution to the history of American puppetry ... with admirable and concise clarity."
Steve Abrams,
Puppetry Journal